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Scaling and Root Planing – Round Rock, TX

Put an End to Your Bleeding Gums

There’s one thing for sure; you don’t want to see blood on your toothbrush or in the bathroom sink when you’re performing oral hygiene. Once it starts to happen more consistently, it could be a sign of gum disease in Round Rock, which is the inflammation and infection of the gum tissue. Thankfully, with the expert care of Dr. Asay, your gum health can be restored. Your path to recovery starts by contacting us at Chisholm Trail Dental Health to schedule a visit today!

Why Choose Chisholm Trail Dental Health for Periodontal Treatment?

Why Periodontal (Gum) Disease Shouldn’t be Ignored

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Periodontal disease is the result of untreated bacteria that have formed plaque, which is a clear, sticky substance. Eventually, it can work its way beneath the gum line to cause the formation of germ pockets and the development of the first stage of the disease, which is called gingivitis.

One trait that should never be overlooked in regard to bacteria is that they won’t stop moving unless they’re eradicated. Therefore, ignoring the microorganisms allows them time to cause more damage, which can eventually lead to tooth loss and serious health conditions like hypertension, heart disease and stroke.

How Periodontal Disease Can be Treated

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With the expert care that Dr. Asay provides, you can recover from periodontal disease to enjoy healthy and functional gums again. One of the most effective forms of treatment is the scaling and root planing procedure. Here’s how the two-step process works.





Dr. Asay will start by numbing the treatment area to ensure you have a painless experience. Then, he’ll proceed to clean beneath the gum line and around the roots to remove any decay so that, eventually, your gums will fit snugly around your teeth like they’re supposed to.

Root Planing

After the plaque is removed, your dentist in Round Rock will then perform the root planing portion of the procedure. Its purpose is to smooth the roots of your teeth so it will be more difficult for new bacteria to accumulate. With this route, you’ll have a fresh new start to your gum health!

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Your gums are as important to your oral health as soil is to the life of a plant. So to effectively recover from periodontal disease, contact us at Chisholm Trail Dental Health today to schedule an examination so you can get on the road to healthy gums and teeth!

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