Family Dentistry

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Family Dentistry in Round Rock

You might find it easy to locate a dentist for yourself, one who can see your children, and another who can treat your parents. However, it can be more difficult to find one dentist that can meet the needs of the entire family. If you are in that predicament, you should see Dr. Calvin Mike Asay at Chisholm Trail Dental Health to receive family dentistry.

When We Say We Treat Families…

…we mean it. There are plenty of dental practices that advertise dental care for the entire family, but Chisholm Trail Dental Health structures its appointments so that children, parents, and grandparents can all be seen in one day. Even people who have difficulty relaxing can receive care at our dental office because we have an anesthesiologist on call to provide sedation. Because we offer complete dental care, we can treat virtually any dental condition. In the rare circumstances wherein specialty care is required, Chisholm Trail Dental Health can coordinate your family’s care with a trusted network of specialists. We can be your starting point for complex treatment planning, and you can come back to us for checkups during and after your specialized treatment plans.

Comprehensive Dental Care

Every stage of life increases a person’s likelihood of experiencing certain oral health conditions. To provide more effective care, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive examinations and treatments.

Each examination is thoroughly conducted to find all health conditions affecting your smile. Oral cancer screenings, bite misalignment checks, and periodontal recession charting are standard elements of each appointment. No one is too young or old to develop these conditions, but everyone has a higher chance of overcoming them with minimal treatment when discovered early.

The courses of care we provide are also comprehensive. We make fluoride and sealant applications available for children and adults alike. If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea or need help with snoring, we offer various comfortable oral appliances to give you a more restful night’s sleep. Even when your treatment plan requires fabrication from a dental lab, our use of advanced imaging technology lets us develop quality impressions to ensure your restoration or appliance is effective and comfortable.

Contact Us to Receive Dental Care for all Ages

Chisholm Trail Dental Health offers family dentistry to all people in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and all other North Austin communities. Dr. Asay helps people of every age receive the precise care they need from one friendly, relaxing location. For more information about how we can help you, your children, and your parents, contact our dental practice near Round Rock and schedule your consultation today!

Smile With Confidence

As dental professionals it is our priority to provide quality dental care you can trust.



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