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When you are missing a tooth, you only have a few choices to replace it. Of these options, the one that gives you the most benefits is an implant. Dr. Calvin Asay of Chisholm Trail Dental Health offers dental implants to patients in need of new teeth.

Dental Implant Placement

Implants are great because they resemble natural teeth. Part of the reason for this similarity is the fact that implants, at their core, are artificial teeth roots. They are surgically placed into the jaw, fuse with the bone over the course of a few months, and then support one or more restorations.

As a result, the first step of the implant treatment process is placement.

Chisholm Trail Dental Health provides placement in most cases; under certain conditions, Dr. Asay may refer you to a specialist for the surgery. The implants are carefully planned out to rest in the most secure areas of the jaw, where bone density is thick enough to stabilize them. In the event that the jaw has shrunk too much, our dentist can coordinate a bone grafting treatment plan.

Dental Implant Restoration

Once your implants are fully integrated into the jaw, our dentist at Chisholm Trail Dental Health can add a restoration to these implants. Dr. Asay works mostly with crowns that replace individual teeth, but he can also give patients implant-supported bridges and dentures when needed.

Implant restorations must be as natural in appearance as they are durable. As a result, implant crowns and bridges are made of porcelain, which has the same color and translucence of real teeth. Implant dentures are made of acrylic, just as traditional dentures are, which resembles natural teeth to a point.

Benefits of Implants

While Dr. Asay provides traditional dentures and bridges as well, most patients are best served by dental implants. Implants give you more benefits than the simple replacement of a lost tooth.

As discussed, an implant most closely resembles a natural tooth in appearance and in feeling. They function like normal teeth instead of sliding around like dentures. You can floss and brush them as if they were real teeth, whereas a bridge would require you to floss beneath the prosthetic. Implants also leave the neighboring teeth untouched.

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Chisholm Trail Dental Health provides dental implants in Round Rock. In addition to our immediate area, Dr. Asay can see patients from Cedar Park and all other North Austin communities. For more information about this restorative process, call and schedule your appointment today!

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