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Several different elements go into making a dental appointment a quality experience. Calvin Mike Asay, DDS, appreciates these nuances and makes sure to emphasize their importance during your appointments. Chisholm Trail Dental Health uses the following values to serve our patients efficiently.

Listening to Their Unique Concerns

Each patient is different. Something that might be comfortable to one person may not be for another. Anyone visiting a dentist should always feel free to express their concerns, thereby guaranteeing a better level of care.

When you talk, Dr. Asay pays attention. He is well-known for being a great listener, allowing him to customize every treatment plan precisely. His listening skills are especially useful for patients with dental anxieties, which are often caused by feeling ignored by a previous dentist. When you visit Chisholm Trail Dental Health, your unique needs are always appreciated.

Establishing a Warm, Comforting Environment

Patient comfort is critical to successful dental care. People who cannot relax during an appointment tend not to want to come back in as regularly as they should. No one should have to feel that they must choose between feeling safe and having good oral health.

Dr. Asay understands the importance having peace of mind. As a result, Chisholm Trail Dental Health is designed to be a warm, inviting environment. Our doctor and staff are friendly and helpful to every patient we see, making sure their requests are addressed. The physical design of the office is also meant to put you at ease. Most of our patients believe our office used to be a house because it reminds them more of a living room than it does a lobby. Dr. Asay provides gentle dental treatments as well, so your comfort is maintained throughout your visit.

Committing to Excellence

Dr. Asay’s appreciation of patient relaxation does not prevent him from delivering high-quality treatments. Our doctor is committed to excellence in every aspect of dentistry. Patient comfort, expert knowledge, and a carefully honed skill set all work together to achieve Dr. Asay’s primary goal: giving you the best oral health care possible.

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Chisholm Trail Dental Health understands the importance of these aspects of dentistry. By emphasizing them, our office makes sure that the families of Round Rock, Cedar Park, and all other North Austin communities get the oral healthcare they need. To schedule your appointment with Dr. Asay, contact our practice near Round Rock.



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Dr. Mike Asay is a dental professional serving dental patients of Round Rock and surrounding communities. Mike Asay, DDS, a dental practice dedicated to general and family dentistry with an emphasis on procedures such as dental exams, x-rays, Invisalign, teeth whitening, crowns, sedation dentistry and more. Dr. Mike Asay welcomes new patients to his Round Rock, Texas General, and Family Dental Practice.

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