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Clear Braces in Round Rock

A straighter smile is beneficial for everyone, but metal braces may not be. The Invisalign® clear braces alternative helps people realign their teeth without worrying about brackets and wires. Chisholm Trail Dental Health provides these clear braces to anyone in need of a healthier smile.

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How Invisalign & Clear Correct Helps You

All braces work by shifting the teeth to lean one way or another until they are in the desired position. Traditional braces do this by gluing metal brackets to your teeth and running a wire between them. This approach works, but many patients find metal braces either too uncomfortable or visually unappealing.

Invisalign clear braces are far more comfortable and do not stand out visually in the smile. This system uses see-through plastic trays that are specifically designed to fit your smile at each stage of treatment. Moreover, their transparent nature makes them difficult to notice when worn; most people will not know you are wearing braces.



Invisalign Mike Asay DDS Round Rock TX

Is Invisalign Right for You?

Invisalign aligners can help a wide variety of people who need their teeth aligned. Whether you had orthodontic care that didn’t last or are having braces for the first time, these clear trays could be one way to get the smile you want.

The best way to know definitively is to speak to our dentist, Dr. Calvin M. Asay. With over fourteen years of experience in dental care, Dr. Asay understands how to make the most out of any dental treatment, including orthodontic alternatives. If you aren’t happy with how your smile looks or are worried about the health issues of crowded teeth, Dr. Asay can help you through the Invisalign system.

Contact Us for Discreet Teeth Alignment

Chisholm Trail Dental Health offers Invisalign clear braces to anyone in need of straighter teeth. Round Rock, Cedar Park, and North Austin are all able to come to Dr. Asay and experience the benefits of orthodontic aligners. For more information about this treatment plan, call our office and schedule an appointment today!

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