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5 Steps to Follow If One of Your Veneers Falls Off

December 24, 2022

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person smiling after having veneer reattached

Porcelain veneers are thin shells that cover up the entire front part of a tooth. They are used to fix a range of cosmetic dental issues and can also protect teeth with damaged enamel from irritants. Though veneers last 7 to 15 years on average, there are some things that can cause them to fall off. If this ever happens to you, remain calm and follow these five steps.

Step #1: Keep Your Cool

When one of your veneers falls off, your first instinct may be to panic. Be sure to stay calm so you can get the situation under control quickly and safely. The sooner you’re able to do this, the sooner you can have your damaged smile repaired. Try to locate the lost veneer. If you find it, place it in a plastic sandwich bag for safekeeping. If you don’t, your cosmetic dentist will have it replaced with a new one.

Step #2: Reach Out to Your Dentist

After you locate your porcelain veneer, reach out to your dental office. Explain to them what happened so they can give you accurate next steps. They will also help you set up an appointment to come in and have the damage evaluated and the veneer reattached or replaced. If your veneer falls off before or after office hours, listen to their voicemail. It may give you information on what to do next.

Step #3: Don’t Glue the Veneer Back on Yourself

Though it may be tempting to try to reattach the veneer on your own, this isn’t a good idea. Using super glue or other adhesives that aren’t meant to go in your mouth may result and damage or irritation to the tooth or your other oral structures. It’s best to wait until you see your dentist since they’ll have the right tools and experience to properly re-adhere the veneer.

Step #4: Be Cautious

Be extra cautious until you’re able to see your cosmetic dentist. The tooth where the veneer used to be will likely be more sensitive than usual since some enamel had to be removed in order to attach it. You should also avoid consuming anything overly hot or cold since these things may irritate the tooth. Additionally, try chewing on the other side of your mouth as this will also help prevent irritation.

Step #5: Use a Temporary Solution

There are some temporary solutions that can help with discomfort while you wait to see your dentist. If the tooth where the veneer used to be is rough against your gums or tongue, you can apply a thin layer of dental wax to create a barrier. You can also take over-the-counter pain medicine to help you deal with sensitivity.

Though it’s possible for one of your veneers to fall off, it’s generally easy to avoid with proper oral hygiene, a balanced diet, and regular dental visits. If this ever happens to you, contact your dentist as soon as possible. Your smile will soon be as good as new!

About the Practice

Chisholm Trail Dental Health takes pride in what they do, which is apparent in the exceptional care that they offer their Round Rock patients. If you ever lose a porcelain veneer, they can help walk you through the steps you need to take at home and get you into the office as soon as possible to have your smile repaired. To make an appointment with Dr. Mike Asay and his team or to learn more, call (512) 244-2796 or visit their website.

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