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4 Good Reasons to Soak Dentures Overnight

September 14, 2022

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Dentures from Round Rock soaking in a glass of water

As you likely know, dentures act as replacement teeth. They let you smile, speak, and chew better than you would otherwise. However, these facts don’t mean you can sleep with them in your mouth. You should always give your prosthetics an overnight soak. Otherwise, you’d put them and yourself at serious risk. To learn more, here are four good reasons why dentures in Round Rock need nightly soaks. Please read them over — they’ll help your dental prosthesis work well into the future!

#1: Give Your Gums a Rest

Natural teeth get support from your jawbone, but the same isn’t the case for dentures. These appliances are supported only by your gums. Unfortunately, though, gum tissue alone can’t bear this weight 24/7. It’ll get sore from supporting dentures if it doesn’t have any rest.

Overnight soaks, fortunately, give your gums some relief. As a result, the pink tissue is strong enough to tackle denture-wearing the following morning. If your gums are still sore after a night of resting, though, it may be time to consider implant dentures.

#2: Dentures Can House Bacteria

Even if they look solid, dentures have acrylic material full of tiny pores. Such holes can provide shelter to whole colonies of bacteria. Consequently, your dentures have a large microbe population that needs constant control.

If you don’t take out your false teeth at night, their bacteria can build enough to cause health problems. In particular, you’d greatly raise your risk of gum disease.

#3: Oral Bacteria Increases with Age

These germs don’t just stem from dentures, either. Oral bacteria increase in peoples’ mouths over time. As the body loses its ability to produce saliva, it becomes less effective at rinsing microbes away.

Given this reality, denture wearers are more likely to have harmful germs than non-wearers. Therefore, you need to remove your appliance at night to keep its germs away.

#4: A Soak Will Clean the Dentures

Of course, soaking dentures doesn’t just reduce health risks for the night. It also rids them of their excess bacteria.

You see, brushing dentures won’t penetrate the pores that shelter oral bacteria. On the other hand, soaking can! The latter practice removes over 99.9% of the germs, which helps keep their numbers under control.

For more effective cleaning, you should use a commercial soak rather than a homemade one.

As you can see, giving your dentures in Round Rock overnight soaks is the better option. Remember to keep up the habit, then, so your restored smile is as healthy as it is pretty.

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