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4 Reasons You Should Still Visit Your Dentist When Pain Disappears

November 24, 2020

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You wake up in the middle of the night with a throbbing toothache. The pain lasts for a few days, but right after you make your dentist appointment, the agony stops just as suddenly as it started. While you may think your troubles are over, don’t cancel the visit to your dentist just yet! You may need to get a root canal in Round Rock based on factors outside of tooth pain. Keep reading to learn why a root canal may be the best treatment for you.

A Dead Nerve

A dying dental nerve is often accompanied by aching and pain. That is a simple cause and effect diagnosis, and a root canal will stop it. If the pain disappears on its own, it could mean the nerve is completely dead, but you would still need a root canal. If left untreated, the pain from the dying nerve will return even stronger. Decay will eat away at the enamel, eventually reaching the pulp. The infection will cut off the blood flow to the pulp and cause the tooth to die.

A Chronic Infection

The sudden end to tooth pain could mean you have a chronic infection that your body has absorbed. An infection can develop into a deep cavity or tooth decay, a cracked or broken tooth, or even gum disease. If the infection goes untreated, it can spread and cause damage to other teeth and the jaw bone

A Broken Tooth

Breaking a tooth isn’t always painful. The pain can even come and go. A root canal can help repair internal damage to the tooth and remove any bacteria that entered through the cracked enamel.

A Decayed Filling

If an old filling starts to decay and is removed, the remaining tooth may not be strong enough to bear a crown. A root canal is a good choice of treatment to avoid future sensitivity or nerve damage that would still require the procedure further down the road.

Feeling no pain is better than lying awake in bed at night in misery. But no amount of wishful thinking can make tooth damage fix itself. Visiting an emergency dentist in Round Rock as soon as the pain starts (or even after it ends) is the best way to keep your oral health in check. If a root canal is recommended and you have no pain, trust that your dentist is trying to protect you from future problems.

About the Author

Dr. Mike Asay and his staff are focused on providing high-quality oral care for all patients. Outside of dental school, Dr. Asay has continued his education, focusing on specific treatments like dental implant placement. If you have a toothache, Dr. Asay is happy to help. For more information, you can visit the website or contact the office at (512) 244-2796.

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